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What makes Borghetto Villas so special and amazing?

  • The beauty of luxury

    Our villas are designed to make you feel the magic of luxury and treat you to unforgettable moments of joy for all of your senses. In the desire to create a special atmosphere of the Northern Mediterranean filled with kings' glory, the scents of past times and gloomy sunsets, we have made a special place just for you. You will feel you belong here and that it is the exact fictional place you were dreaming about, where you will create memories for a lifetime.

  • A fairy world

    When talking about architecture, building and interior design, we have set high standards in luxury tourism, providing our guests with a special level of privacy and incredible comfort. We have applied contemporary trends, respecting the tradition and beauty of the space and creating a unique and recognizable style. We have teamed up with only the world's best brands to ensure the highest quality of furniture, equipment and home appliances, and provide you with a special experience in every corner of your holiday home.

  • When dreams become reality

    With just one look from your terrace you will understand why Istria is called Terra Magica, a land that has been celebrated by world writers throughout the centuries and visited by many artists. We are talking about a peninsula that today is a well known tourist destination, but also an endlessly beautiful and scenic landscape where you will feel the richness of history and cultural heritage. Strategically located in the interior of the peninsula our villas give you the privacy and peace you need, with an amazing view of the whole region. The blue sea, the green meadows, the smell of forests and hills with historic towns that carry their mythical tales with a glass of famous Istrian wine and golden sun rays will only be one in a series of experiences that will seduce you and permanently tie you to this special, fairytale place.

  • A hug of pleasure

    We want your vacation to be perfect and have all you've ever wished for, so with the help of our experts we do everything to make it happen. In addition to the luxurious accommodation, there is an outdoor swimming pool, a sunbathing area, bicycles and a barbecue, and we can arrange excursions, visits to attractions and restaurants, provide beauticians and private coaches, car or boat rentals as well as many other services according to your desires. You can fly with dragons, discover Roman villas, explore birds, dive into the world of magic caves, play golf and engage in countless other activities. We care about your satisfaction and our goal is to spoil you, make your vacation special, fill you with beautiful images and experiences, always keeping a large smile on your face.

    We provide 24 hour external security surveillance.

    2 Tesla chargers are available for all guests at Borghetto Villas.

  1. The beauty of luxury
  2. A fairy world
  3. When dreams become reality
  4. A hug of pleasure